FUTRSMPL Strategise & Go Member Testimonial

Alison, founder of purpose-driven Lilypads, explains how working through the FUTRSMPL online strategy builder helped to put together a sound strategy to be included in a last-minute grant application.

Company: LilyPads  |  Sector: Sexual Education & Period Products  |   Team Size: 2   |  Est: 2018

"I found the canvas and strategy builder really useful, mostly because it helped me actually consolidate my thoughts giving me quite a consolidated plan, quickly, that I knew I could go back to and add bits in. "

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FUTRSMPL Canvas Workshop Testimonial

Angela, founder of Fintech Start up FinFlare, explains how working through the FUTRSMPL canvas helped not only clarify the role of marketing, but enhance her overall business strategy.

Company: FinFlare  |  Sector: FinTech  |   Team Size: 2   |  Est: 2019

"On one piece of paper, I now, can articulate my marketing strategy and I understand it in my head, instead of having all these bits of random things going about my head."

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FUTRSMPL Canvas Workshop Testimonial
Treehouse Childrenswear

Sophie and Kim, co-founders of Edinburgh based Treehouse Childrenswear tell us how the FUTRSMPL canvas has helped them to hit all their targets over the last year.

Company: Treehouse Childrenswear  |  Sector: Retail  |   Team Size: 12   |  Est: 2012

"When we've been working IN our business for so long, this is then just kind of stepping back and working ON our business and having that kind of clear outlook"

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