New, Vaguely Prepared & Pretty Cringeworthy

The Futrsmpl Vodcast – – 19/10/2018

New from Futrsmpl…

Each week we will be sitting down to answer a few questions about our week, from interesting facts discovered during our many research quests to how we have been looking after ourselves, including our mental health.

Every other week or so we will be joined by a special guest from the very vibrant Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

We already have a couple of great guests lined up for the couple months: Nick Murray, from Adopt an Intern, and globally renowned relaxation specialist Andrew Johnson.


Disclaimer 1: This one was technically pre-recorded as youtube want us to wait for 24hrs before we are allowed to film a youtube live! We haven’t changed anything though…

Disclaimer 2: I started editing the subtitles… but there’s too many of them, so if you’re really bored you can play spot the incorrect word…

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