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For every ten programmes purchased, we give one to a social enterprise for free.

Firstport provide support in the form of both training and grants to start ups with a social purpose through out scotland.

A large part of who we, at FUTRSMPL, are as a company is tied to social purpose, whether through our efforts to become a B-Corp, our vision to see marketing as a power for good or simply just to be able to give back.

Recent research shows that marketing is one of the biggest areas of need for social enterprises in scotland.

We have partnered with Firstport to enable our mission to support socially driven businesses. For each ten programmes we sell we will give one to Firstport for them to allocate to one of the social enterpises they support.

This includes each of our paid for programmes, Foundation Builder, Strategise and go and The FullMnty. Just as each of the businesses we support are at different stages with different needs, so are social entrprises and its important to us that we can provide this support in a way that is sustainable for all those in involved.

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Firstport is a registered charity and started work in 2007 to help social entrepreneurs bring forward their ideas and to make them happen. Since then they have grown and evolved, supported thousands of individuals and distributed millions of pounds of start-up funding, all with the aim to achieve thier vision:

 Social enterprises play a key role in society, transforming lives, communities and the economy.

As part of a wider ecosystem of entrepreneurial support – Scotland Can Do –  they work alongside other support organisations, academia and funders to encourage more people from all walks of life to start social enterprises and to help them get started.

To find out if your venture could be eligible for funding and support from Firstport, take their quiz now

Futrsmpl in partnership with Firstport

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