What is the FUTRSMPL Brand Canvas?

We imagine you’ve all heard of the business model canvas.

To us the business model canvas is the nuts and bolts, the physical cogs and gears. 

  • How is your business going to function? 
  • How does it make money? 
  • What’s it going to cost to make that money? Who you need to work with?

All the fundamental operational aspects of your business.

Whereas the FUTRSMPL Canvas is about your heart and your soul.

  • What is the heart and soul of your business? 
  • What is the vision and the purpose and how are you going to bring that to life? 
  • How are you going to bring that to life for your employees and for your customers?


Within the FUTRSMPL Brand Canvas we have five key sections:

Foundations: where you are now

In the foundation section, we run through all the basics of what your brand is, who you are targeting, and how you are delivering on your product. What makes you different? What makes you stand out? How do your customers know you from anybody else? What can they cling on to as customers, what in your story is going to make you stand out?

Vision: where you’re going

Your vision is the overall change that you want to make, that you want to see.  The long term goal, however, is that quantitative element, how do you know once you’ve got there? Your short term goal might be in the next year or it might be in the next six months. What do you need to do to achieve them? 

Challenges: what’s in your way 

There are always going to be things in your way when you are developing your business. And a key element of creating a strategy is to understand what those challenges are and to create a plan to get over those challenges and those obstacles. Once you have developed those first three things, you can move on to creating your strategy. 

Strategy: how you’re going to get there

Now we split our overall strategy into a few key areas to make sure that you have strategic objectives that are rounded across your whole business, that you have marketing strategies that cover each stage that your customer will go through, and that you are working to quarterly objectives, 90 days to make sure you can get as much out as you possibly can.

Planning: how are you going to get there? (in more detail)

In our planning section, we challenge you to keep your tactics to a limit, you can only carry out six tactics in 90 days.  What would those tactics be? How can you make sure you are doing the right things for your customers? That you can measure the impact, what it’s going to do? That you make sure you’ve got enough time, enough resource enough budget to do it, and, most importantly,  ensure it supports you achieving your goals. 


Sharing Your Canvas

You can share your Canvas either by printing or by PDF. And if you don’t want certain people to see certain elements, simply close them up. If you just want them to know what the brand is doing right now, only have the foundations section open, then click PDF. Smpl.


How do you go about completing your own FUTRSMPL brand Canvas?

We have four main ways that you can complete your brand Canvas:

Our free package. So if you think you know all of those elements already, you we’ve got a free completer simply gives you the box allows you fill it in, and you’ve got everything there right in front of you. 

Using our unique question guided process so you can develop your foundations, as well as your vision and your challenges so that you can really understand where you are as a business. Ideal for early stage startups trying to identify and really pin down what that brand is and what that brand looks like.

Our next packages, Strategise & Go and The FullMnty, take you through a guided process of completing all of those sections with the option to add on personalised support as in when you need it.  Strategise & Go includes one free support session. While The FullMnty includes two phone sessions per month. 

Any use of the site can access our expert support, even if you’re on the free Growin it alone option.


We understand that filling in boxes isn’t always as easy as it sounds. That’s why we’ve created our online strategy builder.

It takes you through each of the sections of the FUTRSMPL Brand Canvas, giving you questions to prompt you and help you pull out all those nuggets of wisdom that you have in your head and condense them down into nice succinct sentences.

Ideal for sharing with your team or any suppliers that you’re working with. 

From your proposition to your differentiator, all the way through to strategy.

When developing your strategy, we break that down into something that is really easy and understandable, such as a map. Helping you see that it doesn’t need to be as complicated as it always sounds. 

And actually, the simpler it is, the more likely you are to achieve it, and the more likely your team is to be able to support you in following it. 

Our 6 Tactic Planning Challenge

When we come to planning, we like to challenge you. We don’t want you to do all of the tactics you can think of under the sun, we want you to select based on your customers and plan only one new tactic every two weeks in a three month span.

That way you can be sure you are putting your time and energies into the right tactics that are really going to see results. 

Marketing Delivery Support

Each one of the tactics you plan in on our full monty and strategize and go packages we will send you little email reminders with hints and tips for the types of tactics that you’re doing to help you along your way. 

Little reminders of when you need to put the time in, if you need extra resources,  if you need any additional support. 

We’ll be there to support you through the whole delivery process. 

Expert Support

Need a little reassurance? You can book time with one of our experts at any point.

Whether you just wanted to have a quick chat over the phone or have a zoom call in detail with a canvas check or strategy and planning support. 

If you are on The FullMnty package, you get two free video calls per month to really support you through your marketing journey. 

The booking process is smpl.

You simply click the link, find an appointment, choose a time that suits you best, and you’re on your way. 

We really want to make sure that you feel as supported as you possibly can throughout this process while being empowered to deliver your marketing at your pace and getting the best results for your company.


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