Can You Ikea Your Strategy?

Strategy Development:
Tool in Testing

Our strategy development process has been developed in a few different ways; based on our own experiences, books and key literature that we have worked with. One of which being Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt.

We have taken a few of those elements, brought them together, tested them in real-life situations and then developed them into an online tool.

As well as testing during the strategy development process for our clients, we also needed to look at existing real-world examples. Taking an existing strategic statement from a business with a proven track record and overlaying our process. In a similar way to a school reading comprehension, ‘identify the noun, verb, and adjective in the following sentence.’ You get the idea.

Strategy tool testing on mobile

Here is how it went with Ikea:

Ikea Logo

Let’s break it down into our 4 key elements:


Providing well-designed, functional home furnishing products for the many people.


To create a better everyday life.


Low Cost


Wide Range

Let’s  take the school comprehension route and look at the our 4 key elements in situ:

PROPOSITION, Challenge, Direction, Action,

‘Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. To offer a wide range of WELL-DESIGNED, FUNCTIONAL HOME FURNISHING PRODUCTS at prices so low, that as MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE will be able to afford them.’

Can You Ikea Your Strategy?

Using the format and phrasing of Ikeas statement as a guide, how would your strategic statement sound?

Here’s our go:

Our vision is for marketing to be seen as less as mumbo jumbo and more business critical for all businesses. To offer a proven, time-efficient, strategy & planning framework online, on membership basis with consulting support, making it accessible for businesses big and small; starting, growing and enterprising.

We believe that if you embed the core foundations for strong marketing earlier in the business development process, we will grow stronger, rounded, more resilient brands.

With marketing built-in at the core, businesses will emit positive messages through their everyday activities, requiring campaigns only to amplify rather than change perceptions.

Ok, so it’s maybe a bit longer than one sentence, but we it’s a nice way to get thinking about how to get across the key beliefs of your organisation and entwine them with the direction of your business goals.

How did you get on?

Did you manage to Ikea your strategy? Does it fit with the rest of your canvas?

You can add it now with our free canvas completer and if you’re not quite sure it’s right, you can always book some time with one of our experts or join one of our strategy workshops


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