Top 5 tips for Online Content Strategy

Did someone mention a content strategy?

It’s not only about the fabulous look of a particular page. It’s about the general feeling and impression you leave in the users once they come to your page. Think of the content as the most valuable asset that belongs to you, and how you can adapt it in an SEO friendly way that will grow your website audience. Some brainstorming will unleash your creativity to write a genuine, unique content that adds an extra value to your offerings. Remove the fluff from the start and go straight forward to the main points you would like to discuss.

People at a whiteboard developing a content strategy

1. Anticipate Customer Needs

It’s time to develop the gift of prediction. Don’t worry, we’re not going to recommend you purchase a crystal ball – Google Analytics and Google Trends are great tools to research and find relations between different factors. Is there any specific demand for the service/product you are offering to the market? Any fluctuations or abnormal activities on customers’ side? Record all and analyse, this will assist your business when it’s time to make strategic moves in the digital world.


2. Outline Your Key Strategic Points

Ideally, you will implement the knowledge received from Google and link it to your main business concepts. What do you want to achieve? How are you going to do it while using the retrieved data from your research? Set your objectives and goals and introduce a digital marketing strategy and a social media plan. As soon as you get them ready, you should start creating content aligned with them that follows to the next step of our content strategy.

3. Speak Your Customers Language

Identify the key phrases and words your clients are using. It’s always a good idea to investigate the top keyword trends in your area and exploit them. Use Social Media to observe the habits and lifestyle of your existing and potential customers. What do they do? Who do they follow? Do they use slang? Anything specific in their behaviour? Once you answer to these questions plus the keyword compilation, you will be ready to produce meaningful content.

4. Editorial Planner

Many organisations see lack of consistency as one of the common issues they come across while organising the publishing of content. Different options are available depending on the size of your organisation. If your business is medium to large, you might prefer to use an editorial platform where you can say where, when, when, and who will post all of your content. In case you are a small company, you’d probably choose to nominate a person from your team to deal with the public releases. Either way, having a schedule for 2 weeks in advance will prevent you from rushing at the last minute.

5. Tell Your Story

The Grand Finale of your content strategy is to release your content on the platforms used by your clients. Get their attention by introducing your concepts and offers most engagingly so they can remember you and want more. Express your brand’s personality through genuine interaction with the core audiences. Use groups, forums and comments to be in touch with customers.

Need a bit of support on your content strategy?

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